Who We Are

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, nearly 80% of its population live in poverty. Most Haitians live on less than $2 per day.

In January 2010, Haiti endured the most powerful earthquake in over 200 years. A 7.0 magnitude earth-quake devastated the country’s capital, killing more than 300,000 people and leaving more than 1.3 million homeless.

These events led a team of nineteen Americans to Haitian soil in May 2011.  On that first trip to Haiti, we found 25 orphans were found living in a storage unit.  Their living in conditions reeked of mold and urine in a space no bigger than two average American closets. We knew we had to act.  Our team came back to the United States and created LIFEstone International.

cropped-Haiti-2015-12.jpgOur Mission is to serve orphans in need by helping to meet their physical and spiritual needs, and to equip them to live a self-sufficient life in Christ.

The children now live in a beautiful house called “Foyer Renovation d’ Haiti” (translation: Renovation House of Haiti) and receive money for food, medical care, and education every month under the care of Sister Lounia and Brother Jean Calixte. They have started a school within the walls of the house providing education to the children of the orphanage, as well as other neighborhood children.  They benefit from extracurricular English classes, and vocational training in construction, sewing, gardening, and embroidery.The children also receive visits from our staff and the mission teams that travel with LIFEstone.

website 6Our vision is to be a ministry of support and inspiration to communities on a global scale and equip people for a life in Jesus Christ. Our vision encompasses services that promote physical, spiritual, and educational growth to foster productive members of society.

While sustaining their physical needs of food and shelter, our next objectives are the establishment of education and medical care through the local community in Haiti.

Since our goal is to empower towards self-sustainability, we work with our team on the ground  to set forth goals and plans for that purpose.

We believe with physical sustainment and proper education, these children will have the opportunity to grow up and be contributing members of society.

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